Bengals vs Chiefs

Bengals vs Chiefs: In the last four games with Cincinnati Bengals, the leaders of Kansas City scored three sets and scored a pass. The Emirates will try to defeat the Bengal tigers on Sunday evening.

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Bengals vs Chiefs

When the Bengalis visited the Emirates in the “Sunday Football Tournament”, the first team in Kansas City suffered huge losses. It’s 8:20 pm. ET starts from the stadium boom. Last week, the Kansas City suffered a first defeat, the New England team had 43 wins and 40 losses, and the Bengal tigers were shocked by the striking landing in the victory over Pittsburgh 28-21.

Sports betting rates Kansas City as one-sixth of the odds for the newest Emirates and Bengal tigers. Las Vegas believes that the score exceeds or is 58 and is the highest score for the entire 7th week of the game. Before you choose the choice of Chiefs vs. Bengals, you need to hear what SportsLine NFL expert Mika Roberts said.

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As a former bookmaker in Las Vegas, Roberts understands the chiefs ’pulse: he leads 9-1 in the last 10 spreads in Kansas City, including last week in New England, and he’ve made easier money in the fifth week (-3) 30 -14 defeated Jaguar.

Most importantly, Roberts scored 25–12 in all NFL projects this season and returned over $ 1,200 to the players who followed him.

After analyzing Sunday Night Football from the Emirates and the Bengal Tigers from any point of view, Roberts launched the powerful Billboard SportsLine.

Roberts knows that the Emirates have angered fans of the National Football League. These fans carry QB cannon Patrick Magomesh, who made 20 touchdowns in four turns and missed 300 yards in five consecutive passes. The Emirates averaged 35.8 points, second only to New Orleans, and must again meet with the 29th defense of Cincinnati.

Kansas City has 6 points at home in sports betting controlled by In its last 10 games of the regular season, Emirates was a perfect 10-0 ATS.

In the NFL there can be no moral victory, but on Sundays in New England the Patriots certainly feel the same. Kansas City entered New England and pushed the patriots to the edge with a 43-40 defeat, making it the first defeat of the season, but still progressing with 6-0 ATS.

Emirates averaged 35.8 points per game and showed no signs of slowing down, regardless of what they face. Kansas City has lost 10-4 SU in the last 14 games.

In the past few seasons, the Emirates have also played well in the night game, they are recorded in the last 12 prime-time games with 9-3 SU and 10-2 ATS.

Cincinnati once again missed the opportunity to separate from the Pittsburgh Steelers in the standings and lost to the Steelers 28-21 at home last Sunday.

The Bengal tiger currently ranks first in the north of the NFC with Baltimore, with 4-2 SU and ATS. In the next four games against three Kansas City, New Orleans and Baltimore, the Bengal tigers will soon determine whether they are legitimate play-off opponents in 2018.

The total number of Sunday nights is 58 points. According to the OddsShark NFL database, UNDER was 8-2 in the last 10 games between the Bengal tigers and the bosses.

After half of the most interesting game of the NFL season so far on Sunday evening, the Emirates is a very clear choice to return to prime time this Sunday evening for Encore. Cincinnati and Kansas City are among the top four in the NFL in terms of overall defense and fall into the top six in the NFL, scoring offenses, so look for a lot of fireworks in this game.

Chiefs of Kansas City scored 6 points in prime time against the Cincinnati Tigers on Sunday night.
The Kansas City chiefs lost the game for the first time against the Cincinnati Tigers on Sunday evening. Despite this loss, at, the Emirates were still considered six points in the expected game with a high rating and above / below 58 points.

Although Emirates lost on Sunday night, they looked great. Patrick Magomesh scored 40 points against Bill Belichick in defending the home. Within a few weeks of the game, the Emirates crime scored 30 points in the football defense of the Jacksonville Jaguar and 40 points against Belickick. This level of defensive products means that Emirates can offer points to someone.

Crime Emirates ranks fifth in the NFL, averaging 418.5 yards per game and an average of 35.8 points per game. They fight with the defensive team of the Bengal Islands and on average this season is 409.2 yards, an average of 26.3 points. They are the defensive fifth in the defense of the league, which means that the crime of the Emirates must do everything they want in the offensive. I would be surprised if at least 35 points were scored in this game.

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