Panthers vs Eagles

Panthers vs Eagles Live: The Carolina Panthers (3-2), led by quarterback Cam Newton, led Super Bowl defender Carson Wentz in the NFC’s seventh game of the NFC on Sunday, October 21, 2018.

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Panthers vs Eagles

The seventh week of the 2018 NFL season has arrived! This is the official time, sneaking into points every week and betting lines around the sport. This means the selection and forecast of the entire sector, including the prime time between the Denver Broncos and the Arizona Cardinals on Thursday night, and the Minnesota Vikings against the New York Jets and the Carolina Panthers on Sunday afternoon. .

Panthers vs Eagles Live NFL Football

The Cincinnati Tigers played against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday night and the Monday night football game between the New York Giants and the Atlanta Falcons.

The Panthers noted that QB CAM NEWTON threw 275 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT and 93.2 last week. In the last meeting, he passed 239 yards, ran 71 yards and had 2 touchdowns (1 pass, 1 steal). The objective is to occupy the fifth place on the road with more than 40 codes. There are 57 TDs of professional impact, most of which are QB in the history of the NFL. * RB CHRISTIAN MC CAFFREY has 587 melee codes (117.4 per game) and rec.

TD has 10 receptions and TD receptions in his past 5. At the last meeting. Since joining the league in 2017, one of the two NFL RBs (ALVIN KAMARA) has more than 100 sacks (114). * WR DEVIN FUNCHESS has 74 rec.

The number of yards and TD in the 6th week. In the last three games, there have been two games in the game between TD and the Eastern Conference. There are 3 rec. TD is on its way to the last 4 times. TE GREG OLSEN had 11 receptions and 119 yards in the last game of Phi.

(November 10, 14). Since entering the league in 2007, he ranked second (645) and in the NFL TE points. Code (7,637). WR TORREY SMITH won the capture of TD last week. He took the 2017 season and won the Phi Super Bowl LII. * LB LUKE KUECHLY has 67 tackles, bags, FF, FR, 4 PD and 2 INT, included. 49 yards INT-TD, the last 8 games against NFC East.

His goal is to qualify 9th on the road with 8+ tackles. There have been 3 TFL, sacks and INT in the last 3 games. At the last meeting, CB JAMES BRADBERRY was fired. Designed with line 4 of PD. DE JULIUS PEPPERS has bags and FF in week 6. There were bags and FFs in the last meeting. MARIO ADDISON has 7 sacks and FF in the last 8 games.

Ruben Frank (4-2)
It’s hard to be too enthusiastic about the Giants’ victory, which has almost no fight. It’s great to see the Hawks score early and complete a team, but the Hawks still do not have that iconic win, and they tell you they’re a true contender. They defeated 1-5 Giants, 1-5 Colts and 2-4 Falcons.

Merge records 4-14. The victory over a decent Panthers on Sunday will be the first sign that the Hawks have the ability to beat a winning team this year. For the first time, it will allow the Hawks to win back to back and recover more than 50%.

Cam Newton is always difficult to defend, but I like this game. The Hawks are generally good for Newton and I like his opportunity at home. If they can cross the Panthers and get out of London to win the Jaguar, and find 5-3 in the middle and in Goodbye Week, then we can start thinking that the Hawks may be doing something.

I think this will be another one of those ugly games, but when it’s all over …Somehow I became the giant that we predicted, and my season is getting out of control. I was very nice last week and I tried to choose the Giants because I was an idiot.

I see this game against Carolina as a very good test for the Hawks. If they delayed Newton and Christian McCaffrey, they won the game. Newton’s performance against the Hawks in his career is not good, I hope to continue the game on Sunday afternoon. I look forward to the important performance of this defense, even if you are in high school.

On the offensive end, Carson Wentz performed better in each game of the season. He almost returned to Carson Wentz at the MVP level. I will take that person to win.

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